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About Us

Religious groups and ideas abound throughout our world, even within the scope of those groups who consider themselves part of the Christian faith. Sorting through it all can be a disheartening and daunting task. As members of the church of Christ, our aim is simple and can be summed up in this plea: let's get back to the basics!

Why not return to the Scriptures as the sole source of authority when it comes to deciding such eternal matters as what one must do to obtain salvation from sin, or the kind of worship God is looking for? We believe the Scriptures are inspired by God and therefore inerrant. Through the written word God has ultimately communicated His will to mankind. Because of this, it is our sincere desire to appeal to the Scriptures on all matters of faith and practice.

You'll often hear us talking about restoring first century Christianity. By this we mean going back to the beginning to see how the Lord's original church was established, governed, and perpetuated in the world. We believe the safest and wisest course of action is to teach and practice the same gospel advocated by inspired men of the first century, at first by Jesus Himself, and then those apostles He commissioned to bring His message to a lost world.

We are not perfect to be sure, but we believe God is perfect, and so is His Word. We trust in His simple promise "seek, and you shall find." In other words, if we can agree to approach the Scriptures with an honest and sincere heart, diligently seeking the Lord's way, we believe God will bless us in this endeavor and increase our understanding of His Word and provide confidence in our daily walk with Him.

You are always welcome to come and be with us when we meet for worship. Our weekly services are scheduled at these times:

Sunday @ 10 am & 2 pm
Wednesday @ 7 pm

Contact Information

Please contact us with any questions or Bible study requests you may have.

Click here for directions to our place of worship.

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